2 Ways to Enable AutoPlay in Windows 10 or 8?

setup autoplay in windows 10 and win 8

Windows 10 or other version allow us to set the AutoPlay and defaults for play medias via CD/DVD drive, USB or media card. Today I will introduce 2 ways to enable AutoPlay in Windows 10.

setup autoplay in windows 10 and win 8

Method 1: Enable AutoPlay in Windows 10 below

1. Find Settings in Windows 10

find settings in windows 10

2. Open it and select Device and click AutoPlay at the left side

click autoplay at left side

3. Now Enable AutoPlay as ON, that means Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.

4. For Removable drives like external DVD drive, you can select different options contains:

  • – Take no action
  • – Open folder to view files
  • – Ask me every time
  • – Configure this drive for backup (File History)
  • – Configure storage settings (Settings).

5. For Memory Cards selection, you can also select different option to control memory cards as below:

  • – Play video files using alernate software
  • – Play useing Windows Media Player
  • – Take no action
  • – Open folder to view files
  • – Ask me every time.

6. Remember to Save your options and exit then to try it.


Method 2:  Other place to set the AutoPlay in Windows 10, below are steps:

1.Right click the Windows icon windows icon at the bottom left corner of your desktop, find the Control Panel

find the control panel

2.Switch the View by at the top right corner and find AutoPlay as below

Find the autoplay icon

3. Enter AutoPlay, you can tick in front of Use AutoPlay for all media devices. Here you can choose what to do with each type of media for different devices.

auto play

Above are two ways to set AutoPlay in Windows 10, My PC and laptop are all Windows 8, so I do not offer the steps in Win 8, but the process is similar, you can try to the Control Panel and find AutoPlay easily. Now you can try to use external media devices to test such as external DVD drive. Any questions, leave message below please.

If your external devices like external DVD drive, you can read this article:  6 Ways To Fix External DVD Drive Not Recognized or Not Working on Windows 10

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